Oceanit at the Pipeline Simulation Interest Group 2018 Conference | Deer Valley, UT

Oceanit attended the 49th annual Pipeline Simulation Interest Group (PSIG) 2018 Conference in Deer Valley, UT.   Oceanit Director of Strategic Initiatives, Dr. Vinod Veedu was in attendance to discuss all subjects related to fluid pipeline systems with the world’s leading experts. The Conference was held May 16-18 and highlights the latest in pipeline simulation technology.

PSIG was formed in 1969 with a mission to facilitate the exchange of information and advance the state of the art in pipeline modeling, simulation, and optimization. The three-day conference is attended by over 170 professionals representing major gas companies, oil companies, specialized consultants, and universities in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

At the 2018 conference, presentations were held on topics such as, ‘A Comprehensive Model for Predicting Efficiency of Drag-Reducing-Agents (DRA) in Liquid Pipelines’ and ‘Real-Time Sand Deposition Prediction in Multiphase Flow,’ two issues that DragX directly addresses.

‘A Comprehensive Model for Predicting Efficiency of DRA in Liquid Pipelines’ was presented by Wei Zeng and introduced a mathematical model for predicting the efficiency of DRAs.  His model correlates drag reduction as a function of pipe diameter, fluid viscosity, DRA type & concentration, and Reynolds number. The presentation showed approaches for processing field test data and developing a comprehensive model. Results of the model predictions vs. the actual data was also provided.

You can visit the PSIG Conference blog to read more about the daily presentations.